Babyface Eyebrow Pencils – Thoughts? 

Hey there readers, I have an addiction for Kbeauty. So this week i will be feauturing Babyface Natural Eyebrows. Not going to lie, I was pretty excited to get these products. I got them from Hermo out of instant gratification.

What shocked me the most was the price! I believe this was just RM 13.90. Hermo also had a promotion of buy 2 and get free postage for this item. So knowing me, i had to get both to get my money’s worth!

These took about 2 weeks to arrive. (It was such a long time, honestly worth the wait) — I hate ordering Preorder as it takes too long to arrive. But nevertheless, I was being very patient with this eyebrow pencil.

I decided to give this flat angled eyebrow pencil a go because I have very sparse eyebrows (Chinese heritage). Words cant tell how excited i was to try this product.

It comes with a spoolie to blend your eyebrows out. Its very nice and soft. Blends out evenly, which is great!

I got these in shade 02 (dark brown) & shade 04 (grey brown).

My thoughts:- I was really hopping that the eyebrow pencil would be smoother to apply, I guess that did made me a little disappointed cause it isn’t very pigmented. It takes many strokes and shaping to get it on. I’m not sure if its because I do not put on primer or foundation. But I’ll give it a try again.

I prefer the dark brown over the grey brown cause the dark brown looks more natural on me.