Lombok, 2016

Finally, a family vacation! This is a long overdue post, but here’s how I celebrated my Christmas in 2016! Here’s to a great start for 2017. Sorry for the long hiatus, I have been quite troubled with thoughts and life just caught up to me.

New Years Resolution: Try to blog more!

We had a pleasant stay at Katamaran Resort. The staffs are friendly and are always ready to help. Our church friends joined us during this trip, therefore making it memorable.


We left for Lombok on Christmas Eve.

Family picture by the beach. First night in Lombok.
The view from my hotel room. Our hotel room faces directly the sea. Waking up to this view is amazing!
Before lunch affairs. We had to find our angles. Meet Tiffany! 
Beachside selfie. We got it! 
The sunset view from the hotel room. There is an infinity pool facing the beach. 
Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Day 2
The view is breathtaking, after hiking for 40 minutes to the waterfall.
Poolside shot on the last day of our trip!

Bikini is from Cotton On & Monokini is from Pink n Proper.

Overall, the trip was well planned. I had a great time even after knowing I would come back before my exams. I got a nice tan that stayed till now! These are the highlights of my trip. I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos!

Till next time,