Sean’s Birthday Dinner 2017

Hello dear readers,

We got ourselves a birthday celebration!

This year we decided to take Sean for Japanese Shabu Shabu instead of the usual Western food birthday meal. This restaurant is halal and it cost about RM 38++ per person for the buffet dinner. Each serving, you can choose 2 choices of meat from Lamb, Chicken and Beef. Here are some shots of the meal.

Udon noodles, Raw egg and beef slice. Then, I added in some hot soup to make it fully cooked.

Each person is served with Teriyaki Sauce and their signature chilli sauce.

I can never get enough of these mushrooms!

Lamb Slice

Beef Slice

Of course, sushi is mandatory.

This side, we have the Kimchi soup (left) and Sukiyaki soup (right).

Meal is served with green tea as well. You may add vegetables, eggs, noodles and rice as well.

We have the meat ready for steamboat! This pot over here contains Sukiyaki Soup (left) and Miso Soup (right).

Restaurant Suki-Ya is an eat all you can sukiyaki and shabu shabu located at Tokyo Street, Pavillion.

Thank you for reading!

Till Then,