Coldplay 2017

Singapore, here we come!

We decided to take a bus to Singapore on Saturday Morning. Thankfully after everything, it was a memorable trip and concert!

Many things happen unexpectedly. For example, our bus left us at the Immigration Office. We were already late for it, yet they just left us over there. Sigh.

We did make it, got a bus that would take us down town. We took a grabcar to our hotel and rushed to the National Stadium.

The trip was also made simple thanks to GrabCar. It is really fast and easy to use and from the city centre, it took us about 5-6 SGD to travel around. GrabCar is fast and convenient too because the cars come by pretty fast.

We stayed in Hotel 81 Orchid. At first, Icca and I were pretty worried since Geylang is known to be a Red Zone in Singapore. But everything turned out fine! The hotel was clean and in satisfactory condition.

Here are our pictures from the concert!

The crowd was just amazing.

Icca and I waiting in line.

Yet another picture of us!

The concert was indeed a memorable one. I finally got to hear them perform Fix You and Viva La Vida in real life. It was truly amazing.

Till then,