Roaster’s Chicken Run for Charity 2017

Hey readers. 

Kenny Rogers Roasters has always been one of my favourite places to dine in. 

This week’s promotion is a Buy 1 Free 1 deal for the RED Hot Meal. You can choose the flavour of your muffin and your prefered sauce. The side dishes are preset. 

This is my RED Hot Meal: 

This is Mojo’s Red Hot Meal: 

I can’t resist KRR’s Mac and Cheese, so i had to get it! I dont think i had ever gone into Kenny Rogers and not order the Mac & Cheese. 

However, their service has deteriorated alot. I can’t believe a big company can allow something like this to happen considering KRR’s have been here for ages. 

While dining, I was shocked to see baby cockroaches on my seat and that made me lost my appetite to eat. I did not bother to complain because I knew the management would not really care. 

I honestly hope Kenny Rogers can buck up their service and their employee training because this can cause the company to lose many customers. 

Overall, I understand it can get very hectic during promotions, and it could be the reason why the service is slow. But nevertheless, restaurant hygiene should be priority. 

Till Then,