My 21st Birthday Celebration

Its my 21st birthday! Nurin finally pulled through after 10 years of friendship. I bet she tried really hard to keep it a secret from me. It was really fun.

Nurin surprised me at 12 am, but I kinda had the idea she would cause she did ask me what was I doing at night. She came over with Nabs.

I thought that was it, my birthday is over…. BUT! Nurin told me to come over the next day to hang out. I was so excited not knowing what we would do, so I agreed to go out.

Not knowing that there would be something planned for me, I went to Lagoon View, and waited for them. Umar came up to pick us up while Nurin told me she had gone to buy some FishBowl.

The next thing I knew, we had to go downstairs, and I thought “okay, maybe Umar’s house is downstairs”, so we went down and walked towards the pool.

The next thing I knew, I saw Nurin saying SURPRISE!! I was truly surprised! She finally got me! After 10 years of friendship and many countless times of trying, she finally got me!

Here are some shots from my day:

Pavlova Cake, I would love to link them down the description, but I had no idea where it was from.
Look Ma! I got more balloons!
I can’t believe I turned 21 years old!
I tried to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but I think I failed miserably.
Can I please have a picture with the cake....? - Nurin
Can I please have a picture with the cake….? – Nurin

This picture is worth a thousand to me.
Umar is truly an amazing guy. I love the idea of him dating my best friend.
Umar & Nurin

Here’s more pictures:

Special thanks to Nurin and Umar for planning this surprise. ❤

Everything was perfect, from the weather to the decorations.