Being 20

What did i achieve being 20?

Being 20 has thought me that life wouldn’t be easy. People come and go.

After my 20th birthday, I had the opportunity of working at Supermodel Secrets while juggling my business. I took a 3 months gap from my studies and decided to take the opportunity to gain some experience. I knew that the online business industry is catching up and in order to stay relevant, I need to improve my self.

In college, I had to work in groups for group assignments and that has thought me how to trust people and let people do their jobs. This advice is relatable to me in my daily life because as a young entrepreneur, there is no way to do everything by ourselves. I had learnt that everyone has their own mindset to things and everyone is creative in their own ways.

In terms of my business, I have officially gotten a professional photographer, business admin and a content writer. My job has been lifted and I am now in charge of marketing and operations.

Being 20. Theres a lot of opportunities waiting for me in the future. I need to start hustling and getting my mind right! I vowed to myself that I will do my best to constantly update my blog in hopes to boost my self confidence.


till next time,

Adrianna x