Spectrum x Mean Girls Brushes

Hey my dear readers,

I would like to share my joy with you girlies! I just got my Spectrum brushes in the mail. The brushes came in a Burn Book Box, which is totally adorable! The card says “Spectrum Stole My Money” which I find so darn cute.

Super Cute Packaging!
I totally agree, NEVER TRUST ANYONE with a bad contour! 

I got the Spectrum X Mean Girls 10 Piece Fetch Set for £49.99 GBP. After weeks of contemplating if I should get it or nah, I decided to go for it! The brushes would cost RM 260, and RM 26 individually, which was a fair deal. 

Picture of the whole collection. Major LOVE.

The set brush includes: A01, A05, A07, A10, A16, A17, A21, B01, B06, C01

The brushes were made from the highest quality synthetic hair. This means that the brushes are totally vegan and no animals were harmed in the making.

Click on the codes to get the brushes individually. (Not the exact collection, but the similar function brushes)

The A Product Range is specifically designed for Application

A01 – Domed Power Brush

A05 – Precision Blush

A07 – Colour Applicator

A16 – Precision Crease

A17– Precision Angled Brow

A21 – Luxe Highlight (New brush which isn’t available individually yet) *FAVOURITE!*

The B Product Range is specifically designed for Buffing and Blending

B01 – Flat Top Buffer

B06 – Tall Tapered Blender *BEST SELLER!*

The C Product Range is specifically designed for Contouring

C01 – Large Fan Brush


Each brush comes with its own quotes! (GROOL)

However, I did notice I got 2 of the same quotes, which was disappointing, but it’s alright cause the brushes are still too gorgeous.

Brush detailing upclose, the brushed are super soft and they look so good to blend

To complete the Mean Girls vibe, this brush collection comes with a mesh brush case with a super cute Burn Book Keyring (totally removable!)

This collection is to die for, and totally worth the money! I have officially found my #BrushCrush!

For more design of the brushes available, you can click here!

Till Then,

Adrianna x