Langkawi Getaway

Hi everyone! Today I will be showing some shots taken from my trip to Langkawi. If you’re a fan of alcohol, beaches and the sunset, then this place is definitely for you.

Meet Dani, he is an adventurous person to travel. Thank you for making this trip happen. Widi and Ryan, thank you for being there for us. You guys made this trip a memorable and I will cherish this forever.

First day:-

Managed to catch the sunset in front of our hotel which was stunning. We had our dinner at Restaurant Beach Cove. I was truly grateful and happy to be able to dine by the beach side. It was very calming.

Second day:-

We were so excited to get out of our hotel! We’re in Langkawi, of course we had to go to the beach. It was a relaxing day, therefore we decided to go to the beach and do some duty free shopping. During this time, it is a good season to go to the beach because the weather is just perfect.

Third day:-

We decided to venture on to Langkawi’s main attraction, Langkawi SkyCab. The tickets are sold in packages. So we got to go for the SkyCab, SkyDome and the 3D Art Museum. We rented a bike at RM 35/day so it is pretty easy for us to roam around. We’re amazed on how RM 3 worth of petrol can bring us to so many places for 2 whole days.

We ended our trip at around 5 pm and had to go back to the beach to witness the sunset for one last time.

Overall, our trip was pretty relaxed. This trip was made possible by AirAsia Go! It is a easy platform to be able to get your flight tickets and hotels in one platform.

Thank you for reading x

Till Then,