KSMN Bracelets

Hey my dear readers,

I’m so sorry for the long hiatus, here’s a new post this week. I was able to get these bracelets from KSMN while i was at Indonesia.

Hand of Hamsa Bracelet: The Hand of Hamsa is a palm shaped amulet that is made popular by the Middle Eastern and North African culture as it is mostly used in jewellery and wall hangings. It is believed by many as a symbol of protection throughout history. Wearing this bracelet made me feel a sort of security in my life and it greatly affects my mindset.

Here are pictures of Dani and I in these bracelets.

Custom Bracelets: Dani has personally requested to design these bracelets. A perfect fit men and women sized bracelets were crafted according to our wrist measurements. Its a simple black onyx bracelet along with 3 coloured beads, mine in rose gold and his in silver.

Distance Bracelets: These are perfect for couples who are currently in a long distance relationship, or any kinda relationships (just saying) because it will constantly remind you that no matter how far apart, distance doesn’t matter because love conquers.

I’m super in love with the craftsmanship of these bracelets, because they are so durable and waterproof! I literally wear them every day, so they are sweat proof!

If you’re in Indonesia and are interested in getting these, you can order them from their line @ profile! Click here! You can also check out their instagram page: @ksmnid 🙂